Representing “Made in Japan”

“Made in Japan” Reliable Shoemaking

In the village of Ayacho in Miyazaki prefecture, the tradition of handwork lives on.
It is home to the Miyazaki Kasei factory, where skilled craftspeople take pride in their shoemaking and are aware of the responsibility that comes with representing Japanese manufacturing.
“Doing ordinary things with the utmost care”
“We don’t release Japanese-made products that we are not happy with”
All these are words that represent the same philosophy.
At Miyazaki Kasei, we make comfortable and affordable shoes that you can enjoy for a long time.
We try to embed this spirit, along with our craftspersonship that is not easily reproduced, in each pair that represents “Made in Japan”.

without compromise

Product development

Our “Made in Japan” shoemaking starts by creating a prototype of the new model.
The total number for the combined Spring/Summer and Fall/
Winter periods amounts to about 600 pairs a year.
A paper pattern is cut out based on the initial design, and by using a sewing machine we create a prototype. After continually checking and modifying the prototype to make sure it is comfortable to wear, we finish a pair of shoes of which we are sure that it can be made into a real product.

Inspection of Japanese materials

To guarantee both high quality and a conscientious price,
we use reliable Japanese materials to assemble the final product.
Each roll of material is inspected,
and the bias tape that serves as reinforcing material is also finished by hand.
At Miyazaki Kasei, we look after the entire process that determines how the shoe fits the wearer’s foot.

Shaping the shoe (lasting, gluing)

For shoe shaping, we use Strobel lasting and board lasting (pulling over).
The lasting determines the shoe’s shape and is a process where the craftsperson can really show his/her skill.
Gluing the sole requires high-level craftspersonship. To make sure the sole stays firmly attached, Japanese adhesive of consistent quality is used.
We take effort and time to complete this process diligently and carefully, and guarantee that the shape of the shoe is not lost even if flexible materials are used.


The latest step is to do a final check of the area where the upper and the sole have been glued together.
To make sure that no openings remain, we put adhesive on the tip of a special tool and put the final touches by using that tool.
The shoes, perfected by careful handwork, can now be labeled “Made in Japan”.


A shoe that has any defects does not leave the factory.
We carefully inspect our products, and when a defect is found during the manufacturing process, we investigate the cause and make sure it is fixed.
Only products that have passed the strictest inspections are put into a box and shipped.

Reliable quality made possible
by shoemaking experts